Solar Powered Deck Lights

You need solar powered deck lights if you plan on using your deck for relaxation, barbecues, and fun get-togethers after sundown. Deck and patio lighting will add enjoyment and safety since most decks are built several feet off the ground, and they often have steps. A combination of step lights, post cap lights, rope lights, and solar table lanterns can illuminate your outdoor deck area and make it save and inviting.

Solar Powered Deck Lighting

Solar Powered Deck LightingSolar Powered Deck Lighting with Solar Cap Lights
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You can add solar powered deck lighting in ways that wouldn't be possible with traditional lighting. The benefit of solar lighting for decks is that it doesn't require any external wiring or permanent installation. This means you can creatively decorate with lighting effects limited only by your imagination.

Combine different styles of light fixtures, LED colors, and fixture placements to achieve the illumination that will best showcase your home and personality. Below is an introduction to the solar deck lighting options available. All are great ideas for improving your outdoor living area.

Solar Post Cap Lights

For deck posts and decorative fencing or entry gate posts, solar post cap lighting is both functional and decorative. Also known as column lights or pillar lights, they are easy to install and come in styles to compliment your home design, such as modern globes or traditional carriage lanterns. They provide an attractive way to add illumination instead of using a freestanding pole light.

Solar Step Lights

Solar step lighting provides safety as well as decoration to your deck steps or an outside stairway. The low level lighting is not as glaring or bright as light from solar post lighting, yet it offers enough illumination for your guests to easily make their way up or down the stairs, even on the darkest nights.

The effect is similar to the aisle lighting in theaters; it's designed to offer just enough light for movie goers to find their way to and from their seats in the dark, yet it's subtle enough to not interfere with the attraction. Solar step lighting performs the same function.

Portable Solar Patio Light

A portable solar patio light will not only illuminate your deck or patio, but it permits you to place it wherever you want, when you want. Place it in the middle of your patio for the best overall lighting, or set it in the corner near the seating area for easier reading or conversation with friends.

Or, set it on the lawn to expand your outdoor living area when entertaining a crowd. This type of light is usually made from stainless steel to withstand all weather conditions, so you can leave it outdoors ready for use.

Decorative Solar Lighting

If you plan on having an outdoor get-together, there's nothing more festive than colored rope lights strung around the deck or patio. Solar powered light strings are not expensive and can be easily draped over deck railings, patio umbrellas, doors, bushes, and trees. They are not heavy and extremely portable since they don't require an electrical outlet. You can even take them with you to add ambience to evening beach parties.

Decorative Solar Lighting on PatioDecorative Solar Lights to Define the Patio Area
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Decorative solar garden lights can be found in a variety of colors and styles, everything from traditional to modern designs. Mosaic designs that simulate stained glass are especially colorful and give off warm shades of illuminated color.

Solar Camping Lights

A solar power lantern can be quickly hung from a hook or a tree branch, offering wide illumination for evening bonfires or patio parties. They can also be placed on a table or deck railing for area lighting, or you can carry them for a relaxing evening stroll in the garden or a romantic walk on the beach. They are indispensable for outdoor fun in your backyard at home or while camping with your family.

DIY Solar Light for Decoration

Making do-it-yourself solar powered deck lights can be a fun project for anyone who's craft minded and wants to save money. It's possible to take a cheap dollar store light and turn it into something of beauty. DIY solar lights are fairly easy to make, and they require only a few basic parts that are readily available from dollar stores, or from recycling old solar lights. Here's a short video that's sure to get your creativity flowing.

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