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Solar power for homes can offer you an affordable alternative to high energy bills. If you've been wondering whether you should invest in a residential solar power system, be sure to read the article on this page to discover some compelling reasons why you should be considering it.

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PV Panels Providing Affordable Solar Power for HomesPV Panels Providing Affordable Solar Power for Homes
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Save Money on Electricity Costs

Photovoltaic (PV) panels were once rarely seen and considered only for dedicated green enthusiasts. However, that has all changed.

Today, numerous families have already tapped into solar energy to be environmentally conscious, to save significant money on electrical costs, and to earn additional income. There are many advantages of solar power for homes that you can enjoy right now by generating your own clean electricity using the sun's renewable energy. Let's consider several.

By going solar, you will see immediate cost savings in lower electricity bills each month. Your major appliances can be powered by the sun during the day giving you significant savings in electricity usage. And, depending on where you live, if your local electric supplier participates in "net metering," your monthly electric bill could be reduced to near zero.

Net metering is a program that lets you sell your surplus solar electricity back to the power company. This can help to offset the cost of any electricity you purchase from the grid and help to lower your monthly power bills. Imagine your power company paying you!

For instance, after switching to home solar panels, many homeowners have reduced their monthly electric bill by up to 85%. Some even go off the grid and draw all their electrical power from the sun. Imagine never having to be concerned about brown outs and power outages. While your neighbors are left sitting in the dark, you can microwave a pizza and watch television!

If you are concerned that your home PV system won't generate enough electricity to meet your household needs, then your best option is to install a "grid connect solar power system" (grid tied system) and remain on the utility company's grid to supplement the solar electricity you produce with electricity purchased from the company.

And, if you do end up generating more solar electrical power than you need, simply sell the excess back to the power company. It's that simple.

Save with Energy Tax Credits

The time is right for installing renewable power systems. The economy is now favorable to solar power for homes as the cost of fossil fuels continues to rise while the cost of solar energy continues to decrease.

Banks are increasingly more favorable to financing PV power installations. Plus, our government wants us to consider solar as an affordable alternative energy option.

Already, solar energy tax credits are available (or are soon to be available) from the federal government that can significantly lower the cost of a PV installation by a significant percentage. And, many state and provincial governments are also offering their own tax incentives to promote energy conversion.

Save the Environment

Because residential solar power is produced on-site, it's great for helping the environment. Unlike the use of non-renewable power sources, with a home PV system there are...

  • NO byproducts

  • NO emissions

  • NO fuel transportation costs

  • NO plant maintenance costs

  • NO pollution from burning fossil fuels

  • NO nuclear waste

Solar electrical power is clean and safe for homes. It's totally green and helps to protect our planet. And having your own power plant producing your own homemade electricity can help to protect your family from those future sky-high energy cost increases that the experts predict are coming.

Ignore the Naysayers...

Solar Power for Homes IS Affordable

Photovoltaic power systems are made easy to install in homes and since they are self-contained, they are quite easy to service. Plus, because they are "modular" in nature, they can be installed in stages to accommodate almost any budget or project. Simply install what you can afford now and add more PV panels later. It's that simple!

And unlike wind turbines, almost any property can accommodate a silent PV system. Pole-mounted PV systems can be installed on a sunny area of lawn nearby the house while specialized panel mounts can securely fasten an array of PV panels securely on your roof ready to collect energy from the sun's rays.

To sum up, solar power for homes can offer a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Don't be put off by high up-front installation costs. Consider solar as you would any long-term investment. Once your initial cost is recovered, you get to enjoy free, green electricity for years to come.

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