Solar Power Backup Systems

Solar power backup systems MUST be considered when installing solar power. While photovoltaic (PV) panels are efficient at producing electricity while the sun is shining, their electrical output drops during times of heavily overcast skies, during the winter months when there are fewer daylight hours, and during the nighttime hours.

Here, you'll read how an efficient electrical backup system will continue to power your home or business when your PV system's ability to generate electricity is reduced during the day or at night when the sun is not shining.

How to Store Your Solar Electricity

Off Grid Power Backup

An off grid solar power system will work independent of a public utility system, so your setup needs to include a bank of storage batteries to supply backup electricity. A solar storage battery is similar to the batteries used in cars, but it's specifically designed to store any excess electrical power generated by your PV panels during the sunlit, daylight hours.

Your backup battery storage system will be designed for your household electrical needs and will include enough batteries to store the electricity needed to carry you over the overcast days that are common to your geographical area of the country.

Grid Tie Solar Power Backup System

If you have a PV power system that's tied into the grid of your local electric utility, you won't need storage batteries. Your local utility's power grid will serve as your electrical backup system.

On overcast days when sunlight is diminished or after sunset during the hours of darkness, your transfer switch will automatically reconnect your electrical system to the grid of your local power company.

Solar Power Backup System With Transfer SwitchSolar Power Backup System with Transfer Switch
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Of course, during sunny days, your high efficiency solar panels will be generating your electric power, so you will reap the cost benefits of lower electric bills.

In some areas, you might even be able to sell any excess electrical power generated by your PV panels back to your local utility. This arrangement makes having PV panels even more cost-effective.

The way it works is that any excess power your panels generate flows back into the electrical grid system, and you receive a credit for it on your next electricity bill. You'll get to see the meter spin backwards!

That way, even if you need to use electricity from the grid during heavily overcast days or during the night, any excess electricity that your panels generated during daylight hours will still be lowering your overall electric bills.

You can simply buy back whatever electricity you need at a much lower rate. In a way, it's one of the best solar power backup systems around, and it requires no work and no bother.

Solar Battery Storage System

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