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The Solar Panel Calculator is a FREE 16-page report featuring a special formula you can use to estimate how many solar panels it will take to deliver the electricity you need.

The answer is surprisingly easy to calculate, and it will help you when deciding whether to commit to generating your own electricity.

Keep in mind that each installed system has its own site-specific requirements, so there are many variables to consider, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Your calculation will provide you with a useful ball park number for project planning and budgeting purposes.

Determine Your Electrical Power Needs

Before using the Solar Panel Calculator formula, you will need to figure out how much electricity your household currently uses or plans to use daily.

You can take the easy route simply by reviewing your electric bills for the past 12 months and totaling the kilowatts your household used.

Another way is to take a complete inventory of all your household electrical appliances, tools, equipment, and lighting, writing down the wattage requirements for each item. Then, multiply the wattage of each item by the hours it's used to obtain a total of the electricity needed.

The U.S. Department of Energy website shows how to calculate the wattage requirements for your various electrical appliances.

The optional inventory method IS time-consuming, but it does provide you with a useful knowledge of how your electricity is consumed. The bit of effort is truly worth it.

By replacing older, inefficient appliances with modern, Energy Star® appliances, and by turning off lights and eliminating wasteful energy usage, you can reduce your electricity needs and thereby reduce the size of your planned solar power system. The less energy consumed the less energy needed.

By plugging your average daily kilowatts of electricity used into the calculator, and factoring in the solar insolation value for your geographic location, you'll be able to determine the least PV panels needed. Don't worry, it's all explained in the easy-to-read report.

Here's What You Get

The Solar Panel Calculator is a FREE 16-page PDF report that you can instantly download and begin using. You'll get your…

  • Easy-to-complete printable worksheet & formula.

  • Proven estimating tips that could save you needless expense.

  • Links to the best solar maps for locations in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Links to the online calculators you'll need.

  • And it's all absolutely FREE.

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