Solar Lights for Gardens & Walkways

The arrival of solar lights for gardens has made outdoor landscape lighting possible in areas where conventional electrical fixtures have been too expensive or impractical. For example, one of the most affordable and versatile ways to add illumination to your lawn or ornamental garden is to install solar pathway solar lights. They can be placed almost anywhere as they don't require hard wiring or connection to an electrical power source.

Solar Landscape Lighting Options

Solar Globe LightsSolar Globe Lights for Decorating Paths and Landscapes
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Popular options for solar landscape lighting are described below. You're sure to think of several great ideas for using decorative solar garden lights on your property. Don't be afraid to combine different fixture  types to achieve the effect that best suits your lifestyle and landscaping needs.

Solar Post Lighting

Self-supporting solar light posts are great for lighting up large areas of your lawn or garden while avoiding the brightness of flood lights. And because they operate on solar power, electrical outages won't affect their ability to provide both ambiance and security. They come in a variety of popular styles to suit your house design, such as the traditional lamp post style, vintage, or modern.

Solar Bollard Lights

The use of solar bollard lights can provide illumination to a wider area than low-to-the-ground pathway solar lighting, yet they don't spread light onto wide areas in the way solar post lighting does. You gain more illumination while avoiding the eye-level brightness of post or security lights. Bollard-style fixtures are set about 2 to 4 foot above the ground, so they can illuminate decorative plants while still providing a measure of security lighting.

Because their height is greater than low-level pathway lighting, solar bollard lights tend to be more noticeable, so it's usually best to choose a fixture style that complements the architectural features of your home. For instance, match them to your porch lights, or other outdoor lighting fixtures to maintain a common design theme.

Pathway Solar Lights

For walking safety as well as decorative effect, solar walkway lighting can illuminate dark sidewalks, winding garden paths, uneven ground and stone steps. When it comes to solar lights for gardens, pathway lighting is considered a necessity.

Pathway Solar LightsPathway Solar Lights Along a Sidewalk
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Solar Repair Tip

The clear solar panel on the top of your garden lights will eventually become weatherworn and hazy, and the power collected will be diminished.

Simply spray a little clear lacquer over the panel's surface to rejuvenate it and restore its light output.

Solar lighting for pathways is purposely made to sit low to the ground with the light reflected downward, so it provides just enough light for people to see where they're going, without being so bright that it ruins the ambience of a peaceful evening spent outdoors.

This is important if you live in a rural setting or in an area that tries to avoid what astronomers call "light pollution." Solar powered sidewalk lights are designed to focus their light downwards while allowing you to still see the starry night sky. Secured to the ground by their attached stakes, they offer just enough light to define the edge of the sidewalk or garden path.

If your outdoor walkway is bordered by low growing shrubs or flowers, you'll want subtle lighting that's only a foot or so above the ground level. However, if there are tall plants or a decorative wall bordering your path or sidewalk, you may prefer to use waist-high lights that can illuminate your landscaping features as well as the walkway. Feel free to mix solar sidewalk lighting with the higher bollard lamps when your landscaping calls for it.

By installing your solar walkway lights along a grass-free median strip or within a small circle of gravel or bark mulch, you'll save from having to move them or having to use a grass trimmer when mowing the lawn.

Fixtures vary in style and height, and from inexpensive plastic designs to the more expensive stainless steel that can best withstand moisture. Choose a style that either blends in or stands out and create an outdoor living space that's decorative yet relaxing and inviting.

Solar Rock Lights

Solar Rock LightSolar Rock Light for Accent Lightng
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If you want accent lighting that will easily blend in with your landscaping features, solar rock lights will suit your purpose. These lights offer all the benefits of solar accent lights, but they're made to look like a natural rock so they blend easily with your  landscape. Use them wherever you would place accent lighting, and their natural appearance won't draw undue attention to the fixture.

Copper Solar Lights

Copper Solar LightCopper Solar Light for Pathways
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A solar copper finish light lets you add an artistic flair to your backyard area. Copper fixtures are shiny and attractive, and their appearance can be protected and maintained with a thin coat of clear spray lacquer. Or, simply leave them unprotected for low maintenance and a natural appearance. As the copper fixture ages, it eventually oxidizes to a gorgeous verdigris color that adds elegance to any landscaping setting.

Plastic Solar Lighting

Adding plastic solar lights mounted on short stakes to secure them in the ground is one of the least expensive ways to add accent lighting to your walkway and flower beds. These ground-level lights are commonly sold at department stores and at garden centers, often at surprisingly low prices.

They often use the same LED and solar cell technology that the more expensive models made of copper and stainless steel, so you'll get the same illumination for your purposes. Their plastic fixtures come in different colors and styles, and they are completely weatherproof.

Floating Solar Pool Lights

Besides being used as lighted decorations in swimming pools, floating solar lighting can be used in garden ponds, fountains, and other water features that are deep enough to contain the fixture's weight and size.

They can also be used indoors or outdoors as glowing table centerpieces by placing them in a suitable bowl filled with color-tinted water. The novel effect offers an inexpensive way to add color and ambience to any party or festive occasion.

Solar pond and pool lights are sold in a variety of colors and designs making it easy to coordinate them with your decorating theme. Float them in your pool or fountain to make any backyard party or barbeque special. Just be sure they've been sitting in the sunlight long enough to fully recharge before your evening event.

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