Outdoor Solar Lighting Guide

In this outdoor solar lighting guide we'll explore how affordable solar lighting can serve to enhance the appearance of your home and increase its property value. We'll examine how easy-to-install outdoor solar lights and attractive, innovative indoor solar lighting can offer a low cost, practical solution for homeowners wanting to beautify the areas surrounding the house or to simply brighten or enhance dark pathways.

Benefits of Solar Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Solar Lighting in FlowerbedOutdoor Solar Lighting in Flowerbed
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If you're looking for a way to increase your property value and enhance its exterior look, an affordable investment in solar powered lighting is the answer.

Solar lighting is amazing in how it can deliver a powerful glow of light to brighten traditionally dark areas around home exteriors. Used as accent lighting, it can showcase flowerbeds and brightens walkways, patios, decks, and driveways for safety. Positioned flood lights can highlight beautifully designed landscaping and provide needed security lighting.

No Operating Cost

There's no electricity cost to operate solar powered lights because they draw their power from the sun. During daylight hours, the light's solar panel converts the sun's energy into electrical power that's stored in a rechargeable battery for use in the evening.

Once darkness falls, the LEDs draw power from the battery to light the surrounding area. The battery power gradually diminishes through the night and is recharged the following day with no increase to your utility bill.

No Pollution

There are no harmful emissions associated with solar powered lighting, so they are safe for the environment and cause no pollution, provided the rechargeable batteries are properly recycled or disposed of at a local facility.

Safe, Easy Installation

Lights can be easily placed where you want them. There's no complicated wiring or extension cords to install as with other forms of electrical lighting, so you save money on installation costs. Should you ever decide to move them to a different location, just move them; you won't need to remove and reinstall wiring and hardware.

They can be just as easily placed in the ground as hung on walls, fences, deck railings, or on decorative light standards. Do you have a swimming pool or garden pond? Floating solar lights can simply be set in the water to give soft lighting with no danger of electrical shock.

Attractive Designs

Today, there's a solar light for every purpose and to suit every taste. Choose a shape, or style that accents your home, from Old English to ultramodern. You can make your backyard deck or patio appear warm and inviting, and safely illuminate dark pathways and steps. Lighting can also be purchased in soft, warm colors to add beauty and ambiance for any occasion.

How Do Solar Lights Work?

Most outdoor solar lights are powered by the sun's energy, absorbing energy through tiny solar panels during the daylight hours. This energy is stored in rechargeable batteries throughout the day and at nightfall it's released and used to illuminate your yard or garden area.

Some solar lights make use of dual power sources. They contain additional backup batteries to keep your outside area illuminated even when the day has been overcast and not enough energy has been absorbed from the sun's rays.

There's also a third option available. You can simply combine solar lighting and common grid-powered lighting by installing a mixture of solar powered lighting and electric powered garden lights. This gives you a measure of energy savings while relieving your fears of being left in the dark during those periods of heavy snowfall or overcast skies.

Tips for Installing Solar lights

Installation will be easiest if the solar panel and batteries can be placed with the light itself, but this might not always be possible. For example, if light is needed in an area without direct sunlight or in the shadows, you might need a light fixture with a separate solar panel power source that can be placed in a sunnier location. Or, maybe with some ingenuity and know-how, your fixture can be modified to separate the light from its solar panel.

Small Solar Path LightSmall Solar Path Light at Stone Step
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Solar lighting can be easily placed to light paths, steps, and entrances. This will help to prevent accidents and claims on your household insurance; it might even get you a fee reduction. For example, a small solar path light is positioned to warn evening walkers of a stone step in the photo above.

Lights can be positioned in different ways depending on the type of fixture you choose. Some can be staked into the ground while others will be mounted on walls or poles. These lights depend on sunlight for their power, so you'll need to locate them where they will receive the most exposure to the sun's rays.

However, you'll have great flexibility when choosing the location of your solar lighting compared to traditional lighting, since you won't need to worry about wiring, socket locations, and power sources. Plus, you won't need to dig trenches in your lawn or garden to install wiring. And, if you're renting your current home, you can simply pick up your lighting fixtures and take them with you to your next home. It couldn't be more convenient.

Types of Solar Lighting

Solar landscape lights are increasing in popularity now that people are decorating their outdoor living areas similar to indoor areas. Everybody enjoys the freedom of being outdoors in the fresh air during the seasons of warm weather. Gone are the days of plain, boring garden lighting. Nowadays you can have whatever type of light or fixture you like. They're all powered cheaply by solar power, so they often end up paying for themselves in energy savings.

Outdoor solar lighting is perfect for anyone who's attracted to solar energy yet unable or unready to convert fully to solar. It's a cost-saving way to decorate your outdoor living area in style while adding your own personality. For instance, a blend of practical lighting with purely decorative lighting can create stunning effects.

Outdoor solar novelty lights are readily available and shaped like Old English lamps, Chinese lanterns, abstract mosaics, and colorful rocks. You'll also find lights shaped like animals, flowers, and turtles that would complement any garden pond or patio fountain. This form of lighting offers less light than other forms of lighting, and it is used solely for its decorative effect.

On the other hand, solar landscape lights can offer illumination and security to the areas surrounding your home. Costs can be kept to a minimum without compromising on comfort, thanks to the energy savings and the ease of installation.

Solar INDOOR Lighting Options

Solar Light TubeSolar Light Tube Demonstration

With a solar panel installation kit to provide the power source, you can enjoy solar lighting in specific indoor locations.

For instance, a PV panel placed on an exterior wall can power lighting for a dim basement area, garage, or garden shed. It's an easy way to offset home energy costs.

Skylights and solar light tubes can be installed on the roof to provide increased interior light during the daytime hours.

Solar powered reading lamps and task lights come in handy to illuminate small areas for reading and household chores. These units cost about the same as traditional lamps, yet they can pay for themselves in the long term.

Outdoor Solar Lighting Guide Cont...

Solar area lighting along with complimentary background lighting can have such a positive effect on any backyard living space. Your patio or deck area can be turned into an inviting space you want to spend time in.

Thanks to a small investment in solar garden lighting and an outdoor heater, you can enjoy the healthy outdoors more often during the warm summer and the cooler seasons.

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