Off Grid Solar Power Solutions

Off grid solar power can help you to save money while reducing your carbon footprint. And the good news is, thanks to the latest innovations you can make the transition in stages to fit your current budget. After all who isn't tired of paying utility bills? Many home owners are now discovering that the answer to high energy costs is to go off grid.

You CAN Live without Utility Bills

Solar Power SolutionsOff Grid Solar Power Solutions are Possible
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To live off the grid simply means that you have a way of generating your own electrical power through solar energy so you are not dependent on the local utility company to supply your household electrical needs.

Is such a thing even possible? Well, USA Today reported back in 2006 that there were "some 180,000 families living off-grid" in the U.S.

Today, with the expected growth rate and the increased popularity of solar power, there's sure to be many more North American families enjoying life without the burden of having to pay utility bills.

A residential solar power system properly sized for your household can give you the freedom from increasing energy costs you've dreamed of having. Wind and geothermal heat pumps coupled with PV panels can help to make you energy independent.

Consider Partially Off Grid Solar Power

While it sounds great to not depend on utilities, not everyone has the funds to install a complete alternative power system. There is a solution:

You might consider living "partially off grid" with a smaller system generating electrical power but also tying into the local electric utilities. It's not as difficult, nor as costly as you might think!

Self-contained solar power systems make it all possible.

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