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What kind of exterior solar lighting do you need for your home? There are so many types of  outdoor solar lighting fixtures available, whether it's flood lighting, security lighting, or lighting along a driveway, there's bound to be a lighting solution waiting for you. And, thanks to solar technology, you no longer need cost-prohibitive wiring or the services of an electrician. You can easily install it yourself in a weekend.

Solar Lighting for Home Security and Landscaping

Solar Driveway Lighting

Solar Driveway LightingAttractive Solar Driveway Lighting
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Since solar driveway marker lights don't depend on household electrical power, they're the ideal light for illuminating long driveways, especially in rural areas. They are easy to install since there's no need for hard wiring or buried cables. While low-to-the-ground lights can guide drivers safely along the driveway, taller styles can illuminate wider areas.

Various types of fixture styles can be adapted. For instance, low pathway solar lights lining your driveway offer a practical alternative to bright, broad-area post lamps for keeping cars on the driveway at night.

Solar power driveway post lights are also ideal for illuminating a long driveway. Choose a super bright model that offers maximum 360° lighting to illuminate the entire area as visitors move along the driveway thereby providing safety and decorative views of the surrounding yard.

Solar Powered Flood Lights

Solar Flood LightSolar Powered Flood Light
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Blue Spectrum LED

LEDs produce a bright light that's somewhat bluer compared to the yellow-toned halogen bulbs. The bluish tone can slightly alter colors in the color spectrum, but that's not an issue if you're using solar powered flood lights for security and landscape lighting.

However, some LED lighting can seem harsher to people with sensitive vision, so test the light emitted before using LEDs to illuminate outdoor tennis or basketball courts.

Aside from the obvious savings on electricity costs, you can use solar flood lighting to showcase your landscaping and the distinctive architectural details of your home. You'll often see it used to attractively illuminate the fronts of heritage homes. Colored lenses can be added to the fixtures at Christmas time and on special occasions to add dramatic effects that can be seen from the street.

Sports enthusiasts love to install solar powered flood lights on poles to light up their tennis courts for evening practice, and they're great for illuminating swimming pool areas. Attached to the garage wall, solar flood lighting can spotlight that family basketball hoop for one-on-one games after dark.

Solar lighting for the yard is very easy to install, since you don't need to run yards of wiring from your house. This means you can illuminate remote areas of your backyard, such as a flowering tree or an ornamental rock garden along the corner fence.

Flood lights are also a security feature since they can provide visibility of 100 feet or more surrounding your home. Thieves and vandals will think twice before they expose themselves to the possibility of being seen from your windows.

Always check for existing bylaws or homeowner's association rules that might specify the locations and wattages allowed before you install flood lights.

Outdoor Solar Security Lighting

Solar Security LightSolar Security Light
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The biggest advantage of solar security lighting is that it operates under all circumstances. Nature's storms, natural disasters, or overloaded electrical grids have no effect since these reliable security devices are powered by the sun's energy.

The best designs include a backup battery that ensures their operation if the solar battery could not fully recharge in overcast conditions. Motion sensors coupled with high powered LEDs provide extra bright, targeted lighting around your buildings and property.

LED vs Halogen

The LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) used for security and flood lighting purposes need to be much brighter than those used for pathway lighting, so their high wattage tends to make them seem expensive initially. But, when you consider that LEDs last up to 50 times longer and require much less power than traditional halogen bulbs, they offer the best value.

Their longer lifespan and the fact that they're powered by the sun will help you to recover their initial cost. The fixture's solar panel will capture the sun's energy, convert it to electricity, and send it to the rechargeable storage batteries, usually high-capacity NiCd or NiMH. So, once darkness falls, your solar outdoor LED lighting will be powered by the recharged battery.

Solar Porch and House Number Lighting

A porch light is needed to illuminate your house number and front entrance to offer a safe, warm welcome for family members and visitors. It also provides an inexpensive way to customize the entranceway and compliment your home design.

And if you've ever fumbled to unlock your front door in the dark, you'll love having a solar porch light to help you insert your key in the keyhole. Exterior lighting also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves and pranksters who prefer the cover of darkness for their deeds.

Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Solar fairy lights are tiny LED light strings that come in a variety of colors, as well as clear. Along with traditional Christmas lights, you'll also see shapes such as flowers, ladybugs, seashells, and dragonflies sold the year-round. This exterior solar lighting is purely decorative, though it will provide enough ambient lighting for talking and relaxing.

Use solar patio rope lighting as temporary lighting for all sorts of get-togethers and parties. It's are perfect for both home owners and renters, as it doesn't require permanent installation, and it adds a warm and festive touch to any backyard, patio, or deck. Simply drape the solar light strings over bushes, arbors, doorways, or deck railings for a truly charming effect.

Solar Pedator Light

Nite-Guard Solar LightNite-Guard Solar Light Hung from a Garden Shed Wall

This clever solar device can protect your exterior property against nighttime predators. Since its light is solar powered, it needs no batteries, and it turns itelf on and off automatically. It's not motion activated; it flashes continuously dusk to dawn, when it recharges in the morning sunlight.

Nite-Guard Solar Device at NightNite-Guard Predator Light at Night

Animals see the blinking red light and feel threatened, as they assume it's a reflection from the eye of another, larger animal. So, they tend to give the strange light a wide berth and are thereby repelled from entering your property.

Night-Guard Solar LightPostion Your Solar Nite-Guard Device Facing the Area to Protect

Simply hang the solar powered unit from your garden shed or even a tree branch at the eye-level height of an animal you want to repel. Position the blinking light so it faces the open area from where the animal will be attempting to enter your property.

Nite-Guard can offer protection against nighttime predators such as deer, raccoons, coyotes, and skunks. My wife finds it works for keeping keep the whitetail deer from eating her spring tulips, the bark on young fruit trees, and her vegetables when they're in season.

Darkened Garden AreaOFF - Nothing Visible in Garden Area
Nighttime Garden AreaON - Predators See a Flash of Red Light

Nite-Guard is ideal for protecting your flowerbeds, garden, and ponds. As an unexpected bonus, human trespassers will avoid the flashing red LED thinking it's a home security device or surveillance camera.

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