How Deger Trackers Work

Deger trackers with their two axes will always adjust the solar power installation to face the brightest point in the sky through its patented system control. This automatic positioning ensures that the solar panel array is accurately adjusted to face the sun during times of sunshine and made to face the brightest light source during times of inclement or overcast weather. This article explains how this system can significantly increase electrical production and save you money long-term.

An Affordable PV Tracking System

DEGERenergie Solar TrackersDEGERenergie Solar Trackers Positioned to Capture Maximum Sunlight
(Source: ©Flagstone Solar Power International)

How Deger Trackers Function

The photovoltaic (PV) panels will always be made to face the point with the strongest solar radiation for maximum efficiency and payback. Suppose the day starts off sunny with no clouds. The patented tracking system will position the PV panels to face the rising sun in the east and accurately follow the sun's path throughout the morning.

However, if dark clouds roll in from the west around noon, the entire light gathering surface of the solar module will be positioned back slightly to the east to capture the most available sunlight.

If the day becomes completely overcast (shown in the photo below), the module will be positioned horizontal or made to face the brightest point of light. If the cloud cover clears in the afternoon, the panels will automatically turn to face the bright sunlight in the west for maximum energy gathering efficiency.

Deger Tracker InstallationDeger Tracker Installation Displaying Full Horizontal Tilt
(Source: ©Flagstone Solar Power International)

Deger solar tracking is an easy to use technology that's designed to draw its operational power from the PV panels. The small power inputs collected can enable the Deger tracker to reset its installation to face the brightest spot of the sky even before the solar power panels produce sufficient electrical energy to be fed into the grid.

No more than 1 to 3 Watts are taken from the PV system while the tracker is running, and no electrical energy is used during the nighttime hours. As it's designed to be thoroughly efficient, its power can be obtained directly from the PV system, from a storage battery, from the grid, or from a small, additional 1 to 5 Watt panel.

Deger MLD SensorDeger MLD Sensor Ensures Proper Positioning
(Source: ©Don Bell)

Proper positioning is achieved with two sensor cells that supply reference values for evaluation by the logic device to provide the basis for adjusting the surface of the PV panel array throughout the course of the day. A third sensor cell resets the position of the PV system each morning to ready it for the day's energy gathering.

While DEGERenergy tracking systems are designed to be storm secure and wind resistant in any position, heavy-duty trackers have been designed for rooftop and ground installations in high wind zones.

By using their extra weight to achieve wind stability, this sturdy class of solar trackers can sustain wind speeds of 170 km/h and more through individual configuration. These trackers are made very durable, requiring very little maintenance.

What Makes Deger Trackers Affordable?

Solar trackers can yield up to 45% additional electrical power compared to fixed solar installations in northern latitudes like Canada. A 45% increase in yield can mean a significant increase in earnings and energy savings!

When approaching the equator in southern latitudes where sunny climates prevail, their increase in energy yields shows a tendency to 30%.

DEGERenergie tracking systems can offer an affordable solution for aggressive performance based installations needing a profitable payback. They are a perfect component for feed in tariff systems, as they gather energy from all available light, even on days that are overcast snowy.

Base and Electrical Panels of a Deger Tracker InstallationBase and Electrical Panels of a DEGERenergie Solar Tracker Installation
(Source: ©Flagstone Solar Power International)

They can offer a much quicker payoff period for any PV system installation. Under a feed-in tariff program, trackers can help generate significant income to offset photovoltaic panel costs, especially in northern climates.

DEGERenergy takes advanced German engineering and couples it with Canadian and US manufacturing to make it available closer to the installation site. Deger trackers can offer you THE affordable solution to the need for increased renewable energy savings.

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