How to Choose the Best Solar Panels

Choosing the best solar panels for home power systems can get costly, especially if your goal is to be fully off grid and independent of the local electric utility company. Your initial system investment can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, and the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels themselves accounts for most of it.

Just by knowing where to buy quality PV panels and how to get the best deals can save you significant money. The article on this page explains how.

Always Get the Highest Efficiency

Choosing New versus Discount

The Best Solar PanelsGet the Best Solar Panels for Your Large Project
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When buying solar panels for a large project, always shop for reliable, recognized brand names like GreenBrilliance, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, and Sharp, to name a few.

If you see an ad like "Solar Panels For Sale," and it isn't a brand you recognize, search online to verify that the company has been manufacturing its solar products for more than just a year or so.

Always make sure that it is an established brand you're purchasing and verify that the module you're considering is recommended for its quality and durability.

When shopping for price, never be tempted to sacrifice quality for savings, but by choosing wisely you can get both.

New Solar Panels

By buying new name-brand PV panels, you'll have a good indication of the quality that you'll be purchasing. Large, established manufacturers are keen to protect the good will of their brands.

Also, reputable companies are more likely to honor their product warranties and take care of problems as they arise instead of taking the risk of negative blog comments that could quickly damage their reputation in the eyes of prospective customers.

By buying new, you'll also benefit from getting the latest, most reliable, high efficiency panel. Getting the best solar panels ensures a quicker payback period.

Discount Solar Panels

Why buy discount or surplus solar panels for some projects?

The answer is cost savings. When new PV panels come on the market, the top producers stop manufacturing their older brand-name models and offer the remaining inventory at special, discount prices, complete with product warranties.

True, you won't be getting the latest high efficiency model, which will likely be smaller and weigh less than the older models, but the discounted panels will still be able to generate the electricity you need, depending on their efficiency rating.

However, you might need to budget for extra panels depending on how their power output compares to newer modules. Compare new versus discount to get the best solar panels for your budget.

Shop at Reliable Solar Panel Suppliers

Research the vendor that you'll be buying solar panels from. Don't simply accept the advertising on their brochures or ads at face value. Ask for references from satisfied customers that you can contact, then follow through with an email or telephone call.

Find out if there were any customer problems when buying solar panels and if so, how the supplier has handled them.

Also, try calling the company's customer support line with a product question. The manner in which you're treated by the company representative will give you a good idea of how you would be treated later as a customer.

Solar Power Offers You a Cost Choice

Installing PV PanelsInstall the Best PV Panels for Large Projects
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Determining what kind of photovoltaic system you need in advance could lead to solar panel savings; it makes no sense to purchase more modules than you might actually need.

People once considered harvesting the sun's energy as a space-age technology for the future, but the future has arrived. More and more homes across the nation are installing PV systems to generate solar electricity either as their main source of electrical energy or as a way to earn additional income from the sale of excess electricity.

For instance, some homes are totally off the grid and rely fully on photovoltaic energy while others remain on the grid with a partial PV system.

The benefit of a partial grid tied system is added cost savings. Aside from needing fewer PV panels, you can choose to supplement your electrical needs with solar power and save money that way, or through net metering you can sell your excess electricity back to the power company and enjoy an extra source of revenue.

PV panels are easy to install, and they won't detract from the look of your house or office building. They can actually increase its resale value. And if storage batteries are required, they can typically be hidden in an unused area in a garage or basement.

Why Solar Panel Prices Are Falling

Solar is the fastest growing renewable energy technology in the world, and the total number of megawatts generated by converting sunlight into usable electricity continues to break record levels.

Not only are photovoltaic panels popular with homeowners, but utility companies are also setting up "solar farms" to provide clean energy for their customers. Acres of PV panels can provide clean power to a multitude of homes. For instance, my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario is undertaking a ten megawatt project that will have the potential to power 1,500 households each year thanks to the sun's energy.

Getting the best solar panels is no longer difficult and when it comes to cost, they are now becoming affordable for almost any budget. The production of high efficiency PV panels has increased by 50% every two years since 2002, and their cost continues to fall. The greater the production quantities, the lower the prices.

Choose the Best Solar Panels for Your Project

To be sure of buying the best solar panels for your needs, learn all you can about PV panels and how panels are rated. Also read about discount solar panels and the pitfalls of purchasing used solar panels before making a costly decision.

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