Advantages of Solar Energy

The advantages of solar energy are impressive when compared to other sources of renewable energy. With global warming and energy rates on the rise, solar now offers THE affordable alternative.

There are many ways solar energy can be used to lower your energy costs and power your home, farm, or business. Let's consider several of its advantages and why it will perform best for you.

Sunlight's Amazing Benefits

It's Renewable

Of all the advantages of solar energy, maybe the biggest is that it's totally renewable. Although the sun's rays might be stronger is some areas because of latitude and daily cloud cover, and darkness prevails during the nighttime hours, the sun is a constant energy source. It can never be depleted in our lifetimes, no matter how much we use and rely on it.

In direct contrast, fossil fuels are constantly dwindling in supply and thereby dramatically increasing in cost. The advantages of solar energy, especially for developing countries and others desiring to be self-reliant for their energy needs cannot be overstated. Clever, affordable ways to tap into renewable sunlight are being invented almost daily.

Solar Bottle Lights Being Used in Developing Countries

Common 1.5 liter plastic soft drink bottles are filled with water and a small amount of bleach. They are then suspended through the roofing materials to act as a light bulb by allowing sunlight to disperse into the room. They provide no-cost interior lighting when electricity is either unavailable or too expensive to consider.

It's Clean, Safe

Solar energy is completely safe! It does not harm our environment or our health. Unlike the fossil fuels it does not leach harmful byproducts into the air to contribute to the greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. Nor does it generate pollutants to harm the earth and its water supply.

The collecting of the sun's rays isn't intrusive to the environment. For instance, photovoltaic (PV) panels are the most intrusive part of solar power generation, yet they are well suited in most areas, silently resting on the roof or sitting on an open area of ground always ready to convert sunlight into usable electricity.

It's Self Contained

Solar energy has the potential to turn your house or cottage into a self contained living unit without reliance on an external energy source. Although for reasons of cost it mightn't be practical for some of us to rely solely on solar electricity, other areas that are remote and less developed can benefit greatly by powering homes with the sun without the need for commercial power plants and power lines.

For instance, photovoltaic panels are perfect for electrifying a remote hunting camp in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Solar Energy Powering a Canadian Hunting CampSolar Energy Powering a Remote Canadian Hunting Camp
(Source: ©pictureguy66/123RF)

Solar affords us a choice. In northern areas where there's less sunlight, systems can be hooked up so the house can be on the electrical grid during nighttime hours or those times when more electricity is needed than we can produce.

And some of us might choose to not use the solar electric power generated from our own self-contained power plant at all. We might choose to sell some or all of it back to the electrical power company instead.

It's Flexible

Most people who think of solar energy think of PV panels installed on the roof. However, there are several ways panels can be attractively installed other than on the roofs of houses. Ground mounted PV systems are often preferred when open space is available.

Also, aside from PV panels that generate electricity, there are thermal solar panels that function as collectors by capturing thermal energy from sunlight to generate heat, either in air, or in water.

Solar Thermal CollectorSolar Thermal Collector for Generating Heat
(Source: ©drimi/123RF)

One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is that it can be installed and tested on a small-scale system first. For instance, try it out by installing a passive solar water heater or start off with just a couple of low cost panels to generate electricity. Once you see and experience the benefits on a small scale and are ready for a full-scale installation, you can proceed with confidence.

It's Cost Saving

The distinct cost advantages of solar energy aren't always clear. For example, the installation of a residential solar power system is a significant cost outlay, considered by some to be its single biggest disadvantage. But, you will eventually experience significant money savings as time goes on and your electrical bills are either reduced or possibly eliminated.

You must allow time to receive a return on your green energy investment. The cost advantages all depend on how you implement it as your power source. Will you generate electricity solely for your own use or will you sell it to the power company for profit? You get to choose.

Just think about how much you currently pay each month for electricity. Wouldn't it be great to save those hundreds of dollars for something else? After the initial cost outlay to set up your solar collection and storage systems, the power you gather from the sun is free -- a liberating thought.

It's Ethical Investing

Urban Solar Installation on BuildingInvestment in Urban Solar Installations
(Source: ©AerialBO/

The use of solar energy also helps our country's overall economy by decreasing our heavy dependence on expensive foreign oil and domestic fossil fuels, and the longterm cost benefits to our planet cannot be overestimated. The growing solar industry is also creating much needed employment.

Many investors are now hot to choose an ethical investment in green resources like solar power. And because it's totally green and friendly to the environment, its use is now encouraged by governments. You might qualify for significant tax credits and/or rebates that help to offset the initial setup costs involved in your installation.

Going solar is likely more affordable than you think!


If you are undecided about the advantages of solar energy, there's still plenty of helpful information on this website to consider. The more you know about solar the better you can decide if it's for you. I believe you'll discover that the advantages of solar energy far outweigh those of its competition.

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