Advantages of Renewable Energy

If you're not enjoying the many advantages of renewable energy yet, you should be! Green energy offers a great way to save money on your electricity and heating costs while protecting the environment. So, let's examine how green, clean renewable energy can improve your life and protect your children's future.

What Is Renewable Energy?

Renewable Energy AdvantagesThe Renewable Energy Advantage
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Want a good definition of renewable energy? In a nutshell, it's Green energy that comes from sources that do not deplete the Earth's natural resources nor do they produce harmful byproducts that adversely affect the environment. The huge advantage of solar energy is its cost benefits.

In contrast, a NON renewable energy source like oil is:

  • Expensive to harvest.

  • Destructive to the environment during the drilling process.

  • Poses a potential threat to the environmental during transport.

  • Produces toxic byproducts that directly contribute to poor air quality, greenhouse gases, and global warming.

When you consider the clean advantages of renewable energy...

Why the Huge Dependency on Fossil Fuels?

Newspaper Illustration of Energy NewsThe Cost of Fossil Our Fuel Dependency
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Much of our country's infrastructure has been built for the use of fossil fuels, and our economy is strongly tied to the cost of a barrel of oil. While renewable energy has been available for over a century, often it's still significantly cheaper to use fossil fuels.

Governments are aware of the problem yet have been short-sighted and downright negligent in offering companies incentives to research and produce renewable energy products, and so little progress has been made.

The problem is you can't stockpile renewable energy as you can with non renewable energy reserves such as coal, gas, and oil. So, big business wouldn't get to influence commodity pricing and make speculative money on the backs of ordinary users dependent on heating fuels and gasoline.

Haven't we witnessed it time and again in the news that when OPEC hiccups, the cost of fossil fuels such as heating oil rises, and the gas stations raise their prices another 10 cents at the pumps. Fossil fuels are attractive for all the wrong reasons!

But, with a major energy crisis looming, we might see a change for the better. We might begin to witness a major restructuring of the outmoded oil-based economy. Perhaps they are called "fossil" fuels for a reason.

Thanks to home solar power systems and other Green power-saving innovations, we can experience a future of lower energy costs, and the control of energy placed more in the hands of the ordinary consumer.

The Advantages of Renewable Energy

Used Oil BarrelsNo More Used Oil Barrels to Pollute the Environment
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There are considerable advantages:

  • No harm to the environment or Earth's resources when harvesting renewable energy. For example, when you use a residential solar power system to create and store electrical power, you're using green energy obtained directly from the sun.

  • No waste or pollution from the energy source itself or from emissions. The elimination of toxic emissions would dramatically improve our environment and halt global warming caused by greenhouse gases.

  • No more destruction of the environment from the harvesting of fossil fuels. It means no more oil spills, no poisonous settling ponds, no digging in the midst of prime farmland, and no drilling in pristine wilderness areas.

  • No more expensive harvesting of natural resources and byproduct disposal. Green energy is more cost-effective in the long run. Just imagine the long-term savings in heating and electricity costs if your house ran self-sufficiently on clean renewable solar power harvested from the sun.

The Cost Advantages of Renewable Energy

While it initially costs money to transfer your energy source from the non renewable fossil fuels over to renewable green sources, the payback for that investment in clean energy is often only a few years.

But, the big advantage of renewable energy for the homeowner is that it can be added in stages to suit your budget. You don't have to convert all your household heating and electrical needs over to clean sources immediately.

For instance, you could install a passive solar powered hot water heater now, and later when you're better able to afford it, add a few low cost solar panels to supplement your electrical power needs. Going renewable in stages makes it easier and more affordable.

Enjoy Renewable Sustainable Energy Now

Meanwhile, you can support renewable sustainable energy practices. Some of the more environmentally conscious electric power companies provide an option whereby you can choose to have a portion of your purchased electricity come from a Green source like wind or solar power.

Then there are Green companies like Bullfrog Power in Canada, where 100% of your electricity is generated from clean renewable energy sources. Bullfrog's generators inject renewable electricity into your local or regional power grid to match the power your household uses. It's a progressive concept that we hope to see more of.

The world is taking a while to come on board, but there's no doubt that renewable green energy is here to stay. The undisputed advantages of renewable energy are that it's clean, infinitely sustainable, economically sound, and it can never be depleted. It simply makes good sense. We could even say it makes "cents."

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