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Why I Created a Website about Solar Power

Don Bell, WebmasterDon Bell, Solar Website Owner

I decided to add this About Us page because people sometimes ask who I am and how I came to build the SPMA website about alternative energy, specializing in solar power.

It was in the mid 1980s while studying electrical theory for my Electronic Engineering Technician Diploma at Sir Sandford Fleming College that I first became interested in the huge potential for solar electricity promised by our increasing ability to harness the sun's energy.

DiplomaElectronics Engineering Technician Diploma

My interest continued to grow over the years as solar technology advanced and residential solar power systems evolved as a practical means to generate homemade electrical power.

When my good friend Heiko Liebethal, an inventor with years of experience gained while working as an Electrical Engineer in Germany, founded Flagstone Solar Power International, I too decided to join the renewable energy bandwagon and established this website to help people discover solar power as THE affordable energy option.

Today, renewable sources of affordable energy are much sought after and are becoming increasingly important as the world's insatiable demand for energy increases exponentially with an expanding population.

Increased demand for electricity when coupled with an outmoded reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels leads to increased costs and increased harm to our environment. Things cannot continue as they have formerly. Change IS needed, and it must come soon!

Clearly, our governments are neither willing nor able to move quickly enough to change outmoded energy policies. As is often the case, both the leadership and the change must evolve from the grassroots level — that's you and me.

Serious and responsible homeowners are now realizing the importance of renewable energy as electricity costs continue to rise with no end in sight. We must consider workable alternatives to the conventional, nonrenewable power sources to ease our pocketbook and to protect the environment for our children.

I believe that solar power IS the best energy option.

The articles published on this website are freely given to assist you in your journey to a green, affordable future. It's hoped the practical, proven information will help you to make the best renewable energy choices for your circumstance and budget, so you can begin to enjoy the many benefits now offered by solar generated electricity.


Don Bell

Don Bell, Website Owner

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